Phenome Technologies, Inc.

About Phenome Technologies, Inc.

Phenome Technologies was founded in 2005 to meet the needs of researchers doing mouse and rat circadian experiments. The early focus of the company was to develop a cabinet that could follow animal care regulations within university settings. In the beginning, it was also decided to get away from flourescent and incadescent lighting and work with the developing LED market. Since then Phenome Technologies has expanded its product lines with automated controls, other screening products, and automated feeders while working in other fields, such as metabolism and endrocrinology. In 2015, the company began working with Actimetrics, Inc. for sales of circadian equipment and software.
Here are a few of the institutions we have worked with:
Northwestern UniversityUT Southwestern Medical Center
Rockefeller UniversityUniversity of Kentucky
University of Chicago UT Health Sciences Center
Baylor College of Medicine Marquette University
Oregon Nealth Sciences Center University of Washington, Spokane
Baylor College of Medicine University of Toronto
Ohio State University University of George
Morehouse College Emory University
University of California, Los Angeles University of Southern California
University of California, San Diego University of California, San Francisco
McGill University Ottawa University
University of Calgary Duke University
Cambridge University University of Queensland
Cincinatti University University of Georgia
University of Pennsylvania Harvard University
University of Pittsburgh Columbia University
Carnegie Mellon University National Institutes of Health
University of Arizona University of Texas, El Paso
Creighton University National Institutes of Health
Boston University Massachusetts Institute of Technology