Phenome Technologies, Inc.

Systems and Installations

Phenome Technologies provides assistance with installation of systems using our products or other companies products. We have helped install systems for TSE, Colburn, Actimetrics, Stoelting, Sable, and others. Installations have included assembling cabinets for computers to building frameworks for holding cameras. We will assist with design and researching materials and other products that might be needed to help isolate vibrations, sound, RF interference, and lighting

Complete Circadian Systems
This system includes 16 cabinets in 4 stacks and a computer control system within an assembled protective cabinet. We can ship this system as complete, or you can have us install it for a turnkey operation. We recommend that the computer has an extra hard drive to separate data from the operating system, and another drive for automatically replicating data nightly.
Conditioning and Monitoring Room
These cabinets required a tubular steel frame that could hold the cabinets which had heavy rubber dampening to mute outside noise. We also used vibration dampening isolators for the feet and wall mounts of the cabinets to minimize vibration from the nearby subway. Assorted cable passes and cable trays helped keep the complex wiring as clean as possible. We installed the cabinets and then worked with Colburn on installation of their equipment.
Microscope System
This cabinet is really a closet. A steel frame was needed from which the black panels could be hung. The microscope and table was very heavy, so we had to weld onto the frame a steel floor which could handle the weight. Several people had to muscle the expensive equipment into place. Special ventilation was added to keep the heat to a mimimum while protecting the light seal.
Psychostimulant Room
We installed a framework that was mounted to the walls of a small room. The framework was used to hold the cameras and cables above a matrix of arenas. Custom video and power cables had to be made, in addition, to a lighting system that could illuminate all the arenas.
Interchangeable Arena/Mazes with Tracking Software
For this setup we used metro shelving with side panels to keep interference to a minimum. Because of the tight spacing, we had to mount the monitors onto the shelving and place each computer above the subjects. Various trials of lighting were used before we settled on flourescent lights with dispersion coverings.