Phenome Technologies, Inc.

Equipment for Mouse and Rat Research

Phenome Technologies, Inc. products are designed to meet the needs of the behavioral researcher. We make cabinets used for circadian, thermonuetral, and hypoxia experiments, automated feeders for metabolism experiments, and standard and custom apparatuses for behavioral experiments.

New Products

Cabinet with pull platform
Custom sizing 25" x 26" x 27"

In-cage feeder for Supermouse 750. 300 mg pellets. Use with bag or low profile bottle and filter top.

In-cage feeder with dual control box for GM500 caging.

Our cabinets are designed to minimize space requirements, maximize efficient maintenance, and are informed by animal care standards. The cabinets can work with lamp timers or control systems such as Actimetrics Clocklab and/or Chamber Control Software. Packages can include automated lighting level adjustments, add on feeders and controls of feeding, monitoring for humidity and temperature, acoustic dampening, RF screening, thermonuetral control, and hypoxia environments.
Feeders where designed for ad lib feeding schedules and are controlled by Actimetrics Chamber Control Software. These feeders come in a dual configuration and our design can handle up to 288 feeders per system. These feeders can also include silent wheel sensors which will eliminate the use of mechanical switches for wheel cages.
In adidition to circadian and metabolism equipment and tools, we make a plethora of other apparatuses for behavioral research, which includes a variety of mazes, platforms, and custom items in various plastics. Our manufacturing facilities include CNC routing and 3D printing, electronics work, and microcoding.
Primarily customers prefer using their own computers and completing their own installations, however we will visit sites to help remove and install equipment, modify an existing installation, assist with computers and software, provide training, and will work to provide a turnkey solution.